Real Estate Appraisals

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A pre-listing appraisal can help maximum the sales price while minimizing the marketing time. We can also identify repair items that may negatively impact value or that may slow the loan approval process, especially with FHA/HUD appraisals.

In preforming the appraisal we measure and provide a floor plan to accurately determine the square footage. We often find that the assessor’s records to be inaccurate. Unfortunately, most Realtors rely on the assessor’s records to ultimately determine a value or list price.

Brokers Price Opinions (BPO’s) or Competitive Market Analysis (CMA’s) are typically used by Realtors and agents for the purpose of establishing a prospective buyer or seller with a listing price or purchase price. These estimates are often times weighted heavily on a price per square foot. This methodology overlooks characteristics unique to a property such as, quality of construction, views, lot/acreage size along with a host of amenities and features. An appraisal can be invaluable in bridging the gap between when Realtors and homeowners have differing opinions of value.

Here’s What is Included in a Full Private Use Appraisal:

  • A site visit to the property where we measure, photograph and take notes
  • A building sketch of the subject property
  • A summary of the property and it’s features, upgrades, condition, etc.
  • A summary of the market area, trends and statistics
  • Colored photos of the subject property
  • Colored photos of the comparable properties
  • Location and flood maps and assessors maps of the subject and comparable
  • A detailed analysis of comparable properties in the market area
  • A detailed advanced market statistics report
  • A certification of value signed and dated by the appraiser
  • A full color PDF report, delivered via email

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